ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD-Brenner

ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD-Brenner
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ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner (4XA0E97775) is a small form factor external portable DVD and CD recordable drive that can be attached to Notebooks with USB2.0 port or USB3.0 port. With 9.5mm UltraSlim engine, 20% slimmer than previous DVD Burner, with premium outlook, ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner brings you the best user experience.

  • Conforms with industry standard specifications for the following types of media: CD-R, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-R (dual-layer recording), DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R(dual-layer recording), and DVD+RW.
  • 0.75 MB memory buffer underrun protection for reliable CD and DVD media recording.
  • Includes PowerDVD Create for capturing, editing, and creating your own videos; PowerDVD software for playback DVD videos.

Performance specifications:

  • Average access time:
    • DVD-ROM 160 ms (1/3 stroke)
    • CD-ROM 140 ms
  • Write speed:
    • DVD-R2x CLV, 4x PCAV, 8x CAV DVD-R DL2x CLV, 4x PCAV, 6x PCAV DVD-RW2x CLV, 4x, 6x ZCLV DVD-RAM2x, 3x CLV, 5x PCAV(Ver.2.2) (12x Media: Not support) M-DISC(DVD+R SL)4x PCAV DVD+R2.4x CLV, 4x PCAV, 8x CAV DVD+R DL2.4x CLV, 4x PCAV, 6x PCAV DVD+RW2.4x CLV, 4x ZCLV, 8x ZCLV (8x Speed disc: 3.3x CLV, 6x ZCLV, 8x ZCLV)CD-R10x CLV, 16x PCAV, 24x CAVCD-RW4x, 10x CLV, 16x ZCLV, 24x ZCLV (High Speed: 10x CLV, Ultra Speed: 24x ZCLV, Ultra Speed plus: 24x ZCLV)
  • Read speed:
    • DVD-R/RW/ROM8x/8x/8x max. DVD-R DL8x max.DVD-RAM (Ver.2.2) 5x max. DVD-Video (CSS Compliant Disc)4x max.(Single/Dual layer) M-DISC(DVD+R SL)8x CAV DVD+R/+RW8x/8xmax.DVD+R DL8xmax. CD-R/RW/ROM24x/24x/24x max. CD-DA (DAE)24x max
  • Sustained Transfer rate:
    • DVD-ROM 11.08 Mbytes/s (8x) max.
    • CD-ROM 3,600 kB/s (24x) max.
  • Legacy data Transfer mode:
    • UBS High Speed( 480Mbps)
    • UBS Full Speed( 12Mbps)
  • Support CD-Text read/write


* CD and DVD drives list maximum rates. Rates are variable and are often less than the maximum possible.

Physical specifications:

  • ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner:
    • Approximate height: 13.2 mm
    • Approximate width: 136 mm
    • Approximate length: 154 mm
    • Approximate weight: 235g
  • ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner Full Packaging Size:
    • Approximate height: 43mm
    • Approximate width: 180 mm
    • Approximate Length: 195mm
    • Approximate weight: 379g

Operating environment:

  • Temperature: 0 to 40 deg (C)
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 85% (non-condensing)

Non - Operating environment:

  • Temperature: -30 to 60 deg (C)
  • Relative humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD-Brenner

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